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Evanescent Visions

Pre-Raphaelite Fine Art Mug, Burne-Jones Paintings

Pre-Raphaelite Fine Art Mug, Burne-Jones Paintings

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A ceramic art mug in white with a choice of four different Edward Burne-Jones' iconic Pre-Raphaelite paintings:

1. The Feast of Peleus, a gathering of Greek gods for a marriage feast. This is the moment at which the uninvited goddess of Discord, Eris, has just arrived with her sinister bat-wings and hair entwined with snakes, ready to throw the Apple of Discord into their harmonious gathering.

2. Laus Veneris (In Praise of Venus), an illustration from the legend of Tannhauser of the famous Venusberg , the subterranean dwelling of Venus and her handmaidens.

3. The Hours. Symbolic of the passing of time, each female is representative of a different time of day, from morning through to night.

4.  Psyche's Wedding. A solemn and mournful procession, part of the initially tragic and yet ultimately happy story of Psyche's transformation from unfortunate young girl to immortality, deification and marriage with Eros.

The pattern is wrapped around the mug.


  • Single 11oz Mug
  • Ceramic Grade: AAA
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Tested to British Standard EN 12875-4

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